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I like to list my services I currently offer:

Spell casters reviews: FREE
Personal advice regarding spell casters: FREE
Spell casting (extremely hard cases): 1000 Euro / 1500 USD
Tarot Card reading: 3 cards 79 Euro
Astrology chart: 150 EURO (20 pages with detailed info about you and your future)

My prices might seem high but I don't have much time so I rather take few cases. Those who can afford my services are welcome to contact me. In other case I can recommend you who I believe will be best in solving your case. I been rewarded for my accurate results many times so you don't have to doubt the results. Normally it takes less than 6 weeks for me to solve your problems. I cannot offer money back guarantee as the only reason it would fail is because you stop believing in the love and in my abilities to connect to it. Materials and time cost money. You need to be aware that you might not get full results so use money you can be without. Don't ask me to cast a spell with your last money you should have used to pay your rent with. That will only bring negative energies into the spell cast!

Warm regards,
High-Priestess Camilla
Keeper of Truth and Love


Anyone can see why High-Priestess Camilla is highly reputed off the Internet. She has helped so many people with her amazing skills. Her programs to help the less fortunate has been a great success and led to many happy children growing up in a loving home. She takes care of all around her. Not ONLY you!

Ten years ago High-Priestess Camilla was helping the rich and famous in USA (under a pseudonym). She helped the rich to get richer..She helped them find their perfect partner and she also protected the already powerful celebrities and politicians.

She had it all but her priorities changed the day she went with Bill Gates wife to work with the less fortunate. She felt that she had wasted her time on those who already had it good. All her awards and life achievement would mean nothing if she didn't help those who really needed the help.

All her energies went into help the less fortunate around USA and finally she came to the realization that she can't travel around like she did. She decided to work from one place and the Internet was the best way to reach out.

The first thing she noticed on the Internet is that it was very hard for people to know which spell caster to use. Who was good and who was bad. She decided that she could do more good by offering this free service. The basics was to help people see who had real qualities and were able to help. Then she extended her "reviews" by adding a more up-to-date page with the currently best spell casters.

The final piece to the puzzle was to analyze all the spell casters that possessed the power to help, to feel the difference in the karmic connection. This led to a more clear path and finally High-Priestess Camilla could easily determine which spell caster that would be best to use for each situation and person.

If you ever had a spell cast and it didn't work out as you wanted, then it is big possibility that you and the spell caster couldn't connect in a karmic way (you could call it body chemistry if you like).

High-Priestess Camilla has been trusted by the rich and famous and they all listened when she spoke. Do the same and listen to her. She knows what she is talking about!

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